About FMIS

The Financial Management Information System (FMIS) was developed to meet various information requirements identified by the Office of the CFO. An important requirement was to reduce the extensive and labor intensive manual reconciliation of income, expense, and obligations with reports produced by the National Electronic Accounting and Reporting (NEAR) system.

To accomplish this task, FMIS was implemented using PowerBuilder and an Oracle Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) to manage and store the data gathered from NEAR. FMIS was developed as an integrated nationwide financial management system to satisfy some of the needs identified in the Financial Information Strategy Plan.

The FMIS is a mini warehouse of financial information in an Oracle7 database running in a UNIX environment on a RISC 6000 server. The queries are processed on the server and the results are returned to the user workstation where they are formatted and presented through the FMIS Query Tool's user interface.

The FMIS system uses the Oracle RDBMS to store and manipulate NEAR accounting data. FMIS provides daily, monthly and yearly financial data for reconciliation, financial analysis, and management reporting. The FMIS database also stores GSA financial data that are used by other systems, such as the PBS Capital Project Tracking System, InfoWizard, and the IFD System. The FMIS database also allows its users to access its tables and views via Business Object, InfoMaker and Access.

The data for FMIS database is loaded from the National Electronic Accounting and Reporting (NEAR) system through daily electronic data transfer of Valid Accounting Transaction (VAT) files and monthly summary data files and financial reports.